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United Way of Gloucester County is now accepting resumes for the position of “Director of Community Initiatives”. If interested in joining our team please send a current resume,
cover letter with salary requirements and professional references to:
Michael Gower, Executive Director, UWGC, 454 Crown Point Road,
Thorofare, New Jersey 08086 or by email at

A copy of the job description can be downloaded HERE.



The United Way "Stars" Shone Brightly
at the Volunteer Leadership Event, 5-15-19!

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Sign-Up and Information: 

TNT Event Management

Margie Brining, Director of Donor & Agency Relations




To learn more about the 365 Small Business Circle,
please contact Margie Brining at 856-845-4303 ext. 12 or



Thanks to the members of our Live United 365 Small Business Circle
for helping to Build Better Lives in Gloucester County!


Bellia Print and Design
Clear Path by Cindy
Graphics Solutions
HFM Investment Advisors, LLC
Lisa Carney Retail Agency, LLC
Telecorp, Inc.
Cipriani Remodeling Solutions
Cepha, Inc.
13th Child Brewery
Death of the Fox Brewing
PCH Technologies
New Age Powder
TummyTee LLC
Graham Communications
Botto's Italian Line
ASL Transportation Group
Montecino & Ciaccia CPAs
Sweetsboro Pastry Shoppe
Rood Financial Services
Your CBD Store of Gibbstown




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2018 Mini Grants Announced


The United Way of Gloucester County is pleased to announce that nine local nonprofit agencies in the community will benefit from “Live United” mini grants. These grants are for nonprofit organizations that provide services to Gloucester County residents. The funds were generated by the members of the Live United 365 Small Business Circle, an initiative that launched last November.


The mini grant recipients are: People for People Foundation, Mothers Matter, Clarifi, South Jersey Dream Center, Boys & Girls Clubs of Gloucester County, SHADOW Equestrian, Partners in Learning, the Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministries, and the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation.


Scroll down to read more about each of this year’s mini grant recipients!





$1,000 Maximum Per Program

Boys & Girls Clubs of Gloucester County - Project “Precious” Cargo! - $900

Transport approximately 25 - 35 of Glassboro and Paulsboro club members to: The Franklin Institute’s annual STEM science fair where club members can talk directly with medical students and learn about their career path and their STEM project and to the Philadelphia Museum as part of the academic success component. We will also transport 25-35 members to Coopers Hospital to perform community service activities with the child cancer patients. This is their opportunity to give back to the community and to learn about volunteer service. Lastly, as part of career exploration activities, transport 25-35 club members to Gloucester County Rowan Community College, Rowan and Rutgers University open house events so that club members can get excited about pursuing a college degree. All of these field trips provides opportunities for these kids that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to explore. Transportation is key in their “ride” to success!


Clarifi - Financial Smarts - $1,000

Support no-cost financial education to low-to-moderate income (LMI) community members. Financial education is the gateway to lifelong financial literacy. Funding will provide comprehensive financial education to twenty to thirty Gloucester County residents through two workshops.  This will benefit residents by helping them understand the financial realities of healthcare as well as steps to take for general financial wellness.


Emmanuel Cancer Foundation - Gas Station & Supermarket Gift Cards - $1,000

Our caseworkers work closely with each family to determine their specific needs. This grant would fill the need for gas and food for approximately five local families twice this year. We would give each family a $50 gas card and a $50 supermarket card two times over the next year. This will certainly lift some of the burden on our families during this fight of their lives. Family needs are determined not only at intake, but on an ongoing basis, in case their situation has changed.


Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministries - Food Pantry - $1,000

To help offset the cost of purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables for our clients. Last year we spent over $9,000 for the purchase of these items at Verchio’s wholesale. Each day we provide either fresh green beans or broccoli, oranges or apples and a choice of white potatoes or sweet potatoes purchased from Verchio’s wholesale. Your funding will cover about 6 weeks of produce purchases! Last year, 2017, we served 3,465 families which included 2,365 children, 4,524 adults and 1,215 seniors. We believe that by providing fresh produce we are helping to encourage our clients to eat healthy and make wise decisions about the food they purchase with their own funds or SNAP benefits.


Lauren Rose Albert Foundation/Mothers Matter -
                 “Comfort” Gift Bags for Cancer Patients - $1,000

The grant will be used to purchase specific products needed by cancer patients to assist recovery and enhance their personal comfort.   Our current commitment is 1,060 gift bags for women with specialized medical needs at Inspira, Virtua, Fox Chase and MD Anderson/ Cooper Cancer Centers.   This does not meet the actual demand from each of these facilities nor does it touch the many other Cancer Centers in our service area. The following is a partial list of the types of recommended specialized products, purchased items at discounted bulk rates. Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment 3.5 oz. $.6.96 - Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion 4 oz. $7.99, Dove Soap for  Sensitive Skin 4 oz. bar $1.20 - Lubriderm, Fragrance Free Moisturizer– 16 oz.$5.49, Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance Free Body Wash 0.49 oz. $5.50.  Warm socks – minimum $2.50 each for good quality.


Partners in Learning – Ready, Set, Move - $1,000

Purchase gross motor activities for all students and create more areas that provide opportunities for our learners to explore movement and help encourage and support a life-long love of physical activity, both indoors and on the playground.  Among exciting activities such as ball play, hula hoops, dancing, obstacle courses, etc., students will learn how their bodies can move and work in the world and the importance of being active through organized exposure to movement based lessons.  We have many school day options for families from Gloucester County offering  full and ½ day options, 2, 3, or 5 days a week.  Currently we have 24 students enrolled who attend on site at Country Acres Private Preschool, and 5 outreach students who receive service delivery in their homes. Nearly a third of our students have Autism Spectrum Disorders. 


People for People Foundation – Veteran Rapid Response - $1,000

The grant will impact the lives of 4 Veterans by providing $250 each for assistance with an emergent need that will help resolve a problem within 24 hours where possible.  Veteran will submit request for assistance via application, verification of need will be performed and grant paid directly to debtor.  Items such as food, medications, baby formula, diapers, rent, utility shutoffs, emergency oil, medical transportation, and other emergent needs. In many cases these transactions can only be fulfilled with cash. 


SHADOW Equestrian - “Memory Books” for Special Needs Riders - $1,000

Has between 35-40 riders each year. This "Memory book" will be a pivotal resource for each rider and family. Some uses would be: Sharing with family, using it as a storybook and a source of pride. It will be a display book to go with their Trail-A-Thon trophy and ribbon. School (classroom) a way to show other students what horse therapy is, how the rider has a sport that they can excel at! (speech)The pictures are a source to ask the child to communicate (occupational and physical therapy) Pictures are a source to show the exercises done weekly (guidance) especially with our children that have behavioral challenges, it is a source to show interaction skills with the instructor and horse, and a compassion for animals.

South Jersey Dream Center - Food & Clothing Distribution - $1,000

One of the greatest challenges is the long lines for signing in and registration.  There are an average of 30-50 people in line several hours before we open our doors, and nearly 100 when we open.  Once our doors are open, our guests continue to wait in line as we process each person electronically. In seeking a solution to this issue, use of barcode scanners to process guests faster.  Have the capability to print Photo ID cards for each guest with a barcode on a business card size card.  Using barcode scanners would allow us to scan the guest's ID card, and access their information instantly.  The alternative, which is our current procedure, requires that we ask the guest for their name, ask for the correct spelling, search their name, and filter through others with the same last name and misspelled names through data entry errors. 




List of Vendors:

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