A Robins' Nest Story



When Jennifer first arrived at Robins' Nest Group Home, she was defiant.  She swore she was not staying and she certainly was not going to listen to what anyone had to say.  But, why would she?  Jennifer had been alone for her whole life.  In and out of foster homes, she never had a real family.  Her mother was a drug addict, so Jennifer never had any easy choices.  Eventually she decided to stay with a friend in order to stay out of foster care.  She spent a lot of time avoiding her caseworker, but finally Jennifer was found and sent to a shelter.  From there, she came to Robins' Nest Group Home. 

Jennifer had a rocky start at the Group Home.  She had never trusted anyone before and she certainly was not going to trust the group home staff.  It took time, but she slowly began to come around.  Soon Jennifer was studying for the GED exam, making friends, and bonding with the girls and staff.  It was an amazing turn around.  The day that Jennifer announced she received her GED, everyone cheered.  It was amazing that she had accomplished so much in so little time.  Her success did not stop there, though; Jennifer received her license to drive and is now attending classes at the community college.   

Prior to living at the Robins' Nest Group Home, Jennifer had never had any stability in her life.  She had never fully bonded with anyone and did not know what it felt like to be loved.  The professional and caring staff at Robins' Nest changed everything for her.  She learned to trust.  She learned to love herself.  She finally knew what it was like to have a family.  Now, as Jennifer embarks on a new chapter in her life, she will never forget what the Robins' Nest Group Home did for her.  It saved her life and gave her hope for a brighter future.

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