A FamCare Story

A Woman's Battle With Disease

A woman came to our clinic with medical concerns related to her reproductive health.  She was uninsured and had nowhere to turn.  We completed a full exam and the results for her pap came back negatively.  She needed another procedure to determine the cause of her problem - a colposcopy.  There was a problem, it is costly and she could not afford the diagnostic procedure.  Through funding assistance offered by the United Way, we were able to cover the cost of this procedure for her.  The results came back, and to our dismay, they were positive for cancer.  This woman now had a series of treatment regiments ahead of her, but those can be subsidized with other sources of cancer treatment funds that are now available to her.  She went on to follow a course of treatment, which is now complete.  If the funding had not been available for this woman to have the diagnostic colposcopy, her cancer may have gone undiagnosed, and may have metastasized throughout her body.  It was so important that she was able to seek treatment early and improve her chances of recovery.

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