United Way Award Winners Announced

2019 Volunteer Leadership Award Winner


Lisa Carney has been an insurance professional since 1992, maintaining an office in Woodbury since 2006 to meet her goal of creating a “home town” local agency for her clients, which is now the Lisa Carney Retail Agency, LLC.  She and her agency employees provide risk management for personal lines, commercial lines, life and other benefits. They provide customer service to her clients, while concentrating on teamwork, compassion and integrity. Prior to becoming an insurance agent in 1992 with John Hancock, she worked with many major utilities on residential and low-income energy evaluation and weatherization programs, spending time both in the field and in management.  

Lisa has resided in Gloucester County with her family since 1989 and has been involved in community service here since 1992. At about that time, she became involved with the allocations panel at the UWGC and has served ever since. Currently, she serves on the Community Impact Cabinet for the UWGC. Her involvement over the years has also included The Kiwanis Club of Woodbury, Santa’s Workshop for Robins’ Nest, The West Deptford H.S. Band Parents and Track Parents Associations, and The Interfaith Hospitality Network of Gloucester County. She joined St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Woodbury with her husband, and served as an assisting minister, church council member, stewardship and fellowship committee chairperson. She and her husband have also served and traveled with St. Stephen’s Youth Group.

Lisa is also very active with the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce, currently serving as Vice Chair on the Board, and is currently a member of the Strategic Planning, Impactful Topics and Marketing Committees.

Lisa resides in West Deptford with her husband, Mike, and she has four grown children and four wonderful grandchildren.



2019 Spirit of United Way Award Winners

Mike D'Alonzo


Mike D’Alonzo has proven to be a dedicated supporter of United Way of Gloucester County. Originally from South Philadelphia, Mike deeply admired his father who taught him the importance of helping others, solving problems, and making various repairs (electric, concrete, building). When not busy with school, Mike spent as much time as possible in the fire house which was next to his school on the block. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be a fireman. After Mike and his family moved to New Jersey in 1967, he began his journey in the fire service beginning in 1975. Forty-four years later, Mike is still a volunteer, helping people in any way he can.

Mike became the go-to person in town and at work whom people came to for help with all types of projects. When he found out K-Tron (now Coperion) had a program to send an employee to help the United Way run their annual Fall Campaign each year, he volunteered and put his name in every year. Mike served as a Loaned Executive ("LE") on behalf of his company three separate times, most recently during the 2018 campaign when the United Way was short-handed on LE assistance. He truly enjoys helping people, and his time at the United Way is always a great experience for all concerned.  Mike recommends to his coworkers that they should sign up to be Loaned Executives, and he would volunteer as a Loaned Executive every year if he could. Mike is also a member of the United Way Founders Society and has been for many years.

Mike resides in Deptford with his wife, Geri, and has two sons (James and Dominic). In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family (especially his granddaughter, Isabella).


Bob McErlane

Robert (Bob) McErlane has been a Gloucester County employee since 2004, and he has been the purchasing coordinator at Gloucester County Vocational-Technical School/Gloucester County Special Services School District since 2015. He served as a Loaned Executive ("LE") for the United Way of Gloucester County for a total of three campaigns, and he is always ready to lend a helping hand either in this capacity or in another. In addition to his LE volunteerism, Bob joined the Promoting Healthy Living Review Group in 2014 and then became a member of the Community Impact Cabinet in 2015.

Bob also assists with the annual Wine and Whiskey Pull fundraiser at the UWGC Volunteer Leadership Event by donating bottles and encouraging event attendees to buy corks, and also helps out with the annual Campaign Kickoff in August where he helps to run the golf game.

Bob currently resides in Gibbstown, and he enjoys going to the casino, watching baseball, collecting baseball cards, and watching wrestling (especially Penn State).



2019 Women United Award Winner


Mary Schultes


Mary J. Schultes is a Staffing Specialist at Rowan University. She has over 11 years of experience in Human Resources, and even won a Chairman’s Award for “Superior Team Results” while working for Caesars Entertainment. Mary has been a member of Women United since March 2015 and has served as Vice Chair. She also volunteers on the United Way of Gloucester County’s Event Committee. Mary goes out of her way to attend every event for Women United and the United Way of Gloucester County. In addition to Women United and United Way of Gloucester County, Mary also donates her time to parish ministries and the fundraising efforts of other non-profit organizations.

When she’s not advocating for her fellow coworkers, Mary enjoys visiting the Jersey Shore and spending quality time with loved ones, especially her four nieces and four nephews, friends, and her loving husband, Ed.



It is our honor to thank Lisa Carney, Mike D'Alonzo, Bob McErlane,
and Mary Schultes
for their commitment and dedication to the
United Way of Gloucester County and to our communities.


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